There is a wide range of videos available to watch from tutorials to Let's Plays.


Video games and source code produced from tutorials are available to download and enjoy.


Discord channel exists that allow fellow developers and designers to interact with each other.

Hundreds of Videos

Tutorials are the primary focus on video content.  There are dozens of videos available on the site, and hundreds more available on the YouTube channel. Videos include video game development to graphic design. Archived videos (XNA videos for example) and older videos can be found on YouTube.



There are special videos created to give you the most up to date information on the site, answer questions, discuss upcoming releases and general information.

'Complete Games' Samples

Original games are created and can be downloaded for you to enjoy. Our games are created with the intention of releasing some tutorials that will help you develop similar games. So you can see how the game is designed and produced, and you can see and interact with the end product.


Source Code

Source codes are provided for most programming tutorials on PHStudios. You can view the code and download if you wish. Source codes are customizable, easily modified and provided for you to experiment on your own.

Discord and Slack

Get help from fellow developers whether you need help with a tutorial, game, design project or a game library.  Game libraries and games will have their own dedicated site, but there will be a single community by utilizing Discord for voice and text chat. Interact with members to share your ideas and projects.

Slack will be used for people who wish to help out with the site and content.