Tutorials During the Holidays


The last few tutorials that I released were on the weekend of Thanksgiving.  I have not had the chance to release any more tutorials yet.  I have been shopping for gifts for the holidays and I have been building my new computer.  I will plan to release at least one tutorial by January 1st.

Tutorials will be slowing down a bit, around one tutorial a week on average.  There will be spikes here and there when I will release several tutorials a week.  I will be finishing up my Paddles game update for Monogame and I need to get my Direct X window framework finished so we can start Direct X 12 tutorials early next year.

When the new Paddles version comes out and the PGL2D Game Library is in early alpha, I will be releasing tutorials on those.  I will need to devote some time for those websites as well.

At least one tutorial will be released by January 1st.  That tutorial will be Game Math - Vector Reflection.

Stay tuned, and Happy Holidays!

Nathan Biefeld